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    my family usually eats bagged cereals (you know, the off brand kinds that taste like deceit) and today my mother came home with 15+ boxes of sugared name-brand cereal, dumped them into my arms, and said “i can’t eat lies anymore, caroline.” 



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  2. Progress reports are done and my clients exceeded all their goals!!!! I am unbelievably proud of my boys :’) 

    Phase 1 and 2 of the Bloom and Lahey Model met, onto Phase 3 expressive language!!!

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    "dis music blows"

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  5. After a year in the making and I finally finished my research. Not only is it ground breaking in the field of speech pathology, but it was also my ticket into graduate school. I cannot wait to continue my research throughout my Master’s program and into my dissertation for my Ph.D.

    Oh and I won. 


  6. When I’m having a terrible session


    I look towards the one-way glass and I’m like,1gjdAX7

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    Aaron spotted pumping gas into his 1969 Ford Torino on Sunday.